15 Apr

New Opportunity

21 Sep

Just Give Me A Fighting Chance

I have been given the opportunity to write as an Oilers blogger for hockeybuzz.com.

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Nuge Gets Some Payolla

19 Sep

If I was any good at Photoshop those pucks would be stacks of cash. Or a horse with a tiny cowboy monkey on its back

The Oilers announced that they came to terms with RNH today on a 7 year 42M dollar deal.

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Chipping Away The Roster Versus The Canucks *Updated*

18 Sep

Oops. I guess the file that said “Canucks Best Goalie” got corrupted or something

The Oilers chip away at their roster some more tonight playing the Canucks in glorious preseason action.

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Nurse’s Aid

14 Sep

Looking to make an impression

The Oilers’ latest Draft choice looked scrambly in the Young Stars tournament, but was that really a fair showing of his abilities?

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The Oilers Rebuild Is Over

12 Sep

This NHL Head Coaching gig is really cutting into his Marathon season

And with a nonchalant statement the Oilers’ seemingly never ending rebuild was over.

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Radio, Someone Still Loves You

9 Sep

Shameless Self Promotion!!

So Lowetide made another horrible mistake and let me on his radio show! Continue reading