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Chipping Away The Roster Versus The Canucks *Updated*

18 Sep

Oops. I guess the file that said “Canucks Best Goalie” got corrupted or something

The Oilers chip away at their roster some more tonight playing the Canucks in glorious preseason action.

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Game 48: Canucks @ Oilers

27 Apr

Fare thee well, you shitty Oilers

It’s over. It’s finally over. Continue reading

Game 37: Oilers @ Canucks

4 Apr

They arent even done getting better

Note to the Vancouver Canucks: Be Ready. Continue reading

Game 34: Canucks @ Oilers

30 Mar

Soulless Ginger

The Oilers get ready to celebrate Easter by taking on the Godless Canucks. Continue reading

Game 9: Canucks @ Oilers *UPDATED*

4 Feb

Vancouver should be forced to wear these as a Karma repayment plan

Tonight the Oilers will try to get things back on track against the Vancouver Canucks. Typically this has been easier said than done in years past, but the Nucks have yet to separate themselves form the Oilers in this young season.

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Game 1: Oilers vs Canucks

20 Jan


Today is Game 1 of the NHL season for the Oilers and Game 2 for the Vancouver Canucks. Oilers fans have waited a long time for this day to come. Continue reading

Mats Sundin: Quebec Nordique, Vancouver Canuck, Chunky Soup Salesman, Hall of Famer?

12 Nov


The Hockey Hall of Fame is a strange place to find Mats Sundin, but he was a Maple Leaf so he has a different set of criteria that he had to hit before he was admitted. Sundin’s greatest accomplishment was undoubtedly his ability to Captain his squad to exactly ZERO championships while picking up absolutely NO League Hardware along the way (Unless you count that Mark Messier Leadership BS).

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