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So what are these guys doing?

29 Nov


One day NHL hockey will fix its shit, and when it does the Oilers need to figure what to do with 3 key veterans. Ryan Smyth, Ales, Hemsky, and Shawn Horcoff are veterans of the last Stanley Cup run and represent the Old Oilers on the team. What are the Edmonton Oilers going to do with them? Continue reading


Careful What You Wish For

26 Nov


Filed under “Careful what you wish for”, Ricky Ray has won the Grey Cup and the Oilers brightest young stars are dominating North America’s highest professional Hockey league! Continue reading

Losing the Cap

23 Nov


So if the NHLPA goes down the route of Decertification there seems to be one common thing people agree upon, the Salary Cap would be illegal. I’ll let the legal team tell me why later but generally speaking people dont like it when a group of people get together and all agree to pay their employees the same thing. But what would happen if the NHL didnt have a Salary Cap? Continue reading

So you want to De-Certify?

22 Nov


So the NHLPA hardliners are mulling over the possibility of decertifying. Great. Part of me, the vindictive part, hopes the NHL gets exactly what it wants. Continue reading

Frost Bite

21 Nov


It happened. The NHLPA brought it’s 6 (?!) page document to the table and showed the NHL exactly where they stood on all the major issues. That’s pretty much where things started to go wrong.

Continue reading

A Fortnight in Fast-Forward

19 Nov


I dont know about you guys, but that 2 week moratorium on NHL labour talks flew by like it was nothing. I mean, it literally felt like it was just a weekend.

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Takin’ a Break

16 Nov


Turns out all this CBA work is getting a little tiresome and the NHL wants to take a break. That’s good because there havent been enough studies done to show what kind of ill effects constant negotiation can have on the average labour lawyer. Continue reading