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Should the Oilers be in on Lecavalier?

27 Jun

Looking Good

This morning the Tampa Bay Lightning announced that former 1st Overall pick Vincent Lecavalier would be bought out. Should the Oilers be interested?

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Finally Getting Draft Gifts

26 Jun

An early Canada Day present for the Oilers?

As strange as this may be, this might be the first time in 4 years the Oilers are about to receive a gift at the NHL Entry Draft. Continue reading

Searching For An Eastern Bias

24 Jun
Malkin at the NHL Awards Ceremony in 2012 (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Malkin at the NHL Awards Ceremony in 2012 (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Eastern Bias

It has often been suggested that there is an “Eastern Bias” to the NHL Awards and to all things NHL in general. I was thinking about this widely held belief after the NHL Awards were unveiled (with little to no fanfare) and I decided rather unwisely to try and investigate the claim. Is the NHL Awards voting biased to such a degree that the West is getting the short end of the stick? What followed from my curiosity was much more work than I initially thought.

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Hemsky and Horcoff On The Way Out

6 Jun


Good as Gone?

An interview with Mark Spector confirms that MacT views the Oilers as a team without its current Captain and without Ales Hemsky. Continue reading

June Hockey

1 Jun

Check the date on that Headline

Quite honestly I lament the fact that Hockey is played in June almost every year, but not this one.

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