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Draft in a Day

27 May

Just a month away

The NHL entry draft is just shy of a month away from now and the excitement is ramping up. Continue reading


Falling In Love With A Player

15 May

So Dreamy

Sometimes it’s really easy to fall in love with a particular player on your team. Sometimes its a guy who drops the mitts (MacIntyre) or scores that big goal in the playoffs (Pisani), maybe its a legit star (Hall). As Oiler fans, we have been guilty sometime of even doing it to players who quite frankly havent done much to deserve it. I think Petry is one such player, and I think we should re-evaluate exactly what this player is.

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The PHWA Should Be Stripped of Voting Rights

6 May

Best Rookie in 2013. I dont care what the PHWA says

This morning news broke that Yakupov wasnt even a finalist for the Calder Trophy as the NHL’s “Most Proficient Rookie”. But hey at least the next best Rookie, Jonas Brodin, looks like he’s running away with it. Oh…he wasnt a finalist either. Continue reading


1 May

I hope this ends better for the Oilers than that movie

The Oilers are all set for the offseason now. Their season is over, the playoffs have begun without them, and the question marks surrounding where their 1st round pick will fall have been answered.

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