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Nuge Gets Some Payolla

19 Sep

If I was any good at Photoshop those pucks would be stacks of cash. Or a horse with a tiny cowboy monkey on its back

The Oilers announced that they came to terms with RNH today on a 7 year 42M dollar deal.

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25 Apr

Often compared but always with hesitation

I would just like to air a little frustration this morning about expectations. Continue reading

Game 35: Flames @ Oilers

1 Apr

At least when the face of our Franchise left he cried at the Airport

Finding myself otherwise indisposed I was unable to write a GDB at the time I generally do. In fact, I write this with less than 2 hours to go before game time. Continue reading

What year of the Rebuild are we in again?

26 Feb

2013, in the 3rd year of the rebui…wait…3rd year?

After the Oilers recent struggles the mainstream media guys have been quick to point out that the Oilers are still young and inexperienced (right) because they are only in the 3rd year of their rebuild (wrong).

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Game 14: Avalanche @ Oilers

16 Feb

I guess its pretty horrific but I wouldnt name a Sports Franchise after one

After being off for a few days the Oilers find themselves on the 2nd game of the CBC Hockey Night In Canada double-header against the Avalanche. Both clubs are struggling this season and trade rumours are the story for both teams. Continue reading

After 10: Cellys, Struggles, and Sam

7 Feb

Enthusiasm. You cant teach that.

Ten games have gone by and if the playoffs started today the Oilers would be in, but it hasnt been an easy road and the club is sliding faster than a Yakupov goal celebration.

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Returning from Holidays

5 Jan


I may have spent the last couple weeks entertaining family and eating 3X my required Caloric intake every day, but Ive also been keeping my eye on the NHL labour talks and doing my best to catch as much WJC hockey as possible. Naturally, outside of my diet, I have been disappointed as of late. Continue reading