Chipping Away The Roster Versus The Canucks *Updated*

18 Sep

Oops. I guess the file that said “Canucks Best Goalie” got corrupted or something

The Oilers chip away at their roster some more tonight playing the Canucks in glorious preseason action.

The Godless Canucks will be facing a much more NHL competent squad than the Jets faced last night. Yesterday there were maybe 5 NHL calibre forwards dressed in Oiler silks, tonight I count 8 maybe 9. There are also at least 3 NHL defensemen playing. I’m not sure what the Canucks are countering with but it could be a good show.

The game is going to be aired on TV tonight so we are no longer at the mercy of the Oilers web crew, who are seemingly in the middle of a rebuild. Perhaps if they fail to actually broadcast any more games they can lock down the top spot in the techno-geek nerd draft. What do you mean it doesnt work that way?

With games in back to back format it seems unlikely that we will see any more cuts until tomorrow but there will be enough information garnered from these games to whittle the lineup down to something that almost resembles an NHL club. The picture is certainly becoming more clear every day.

Players like Omark are hurting their chances with some lackluster or flatout poor play, and others like Pitlick are earning more game time then was likely planned for them. It’s training camp, weird things happen.

Thursday and Friday are non-game days so I expect some bad news for a few players tomorrow bright and early, but tonight should be entertaining.

Game On! Sportsnet 8PM


The Oilers in fact DID make 4 cuts today. Kale Kessy, Cameron Abney, Mitch Moroz, and Brandon Davidson were all returned to their respective clubs. The 3 forwards were an absolute no brainer for the team as Kessy and Abney probably shouldnt have professional contracts and Moroz is destined to return for his 20 yr old season with the Oil Kings. Davidson is the most surprising but when the depth on the blue line is what it is then quality players and people will start to get cut relatively quickly. I wish that kid nothing but the best in OKC.


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