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31 Jul

The Navigators? Come on.

Word on the street is that the NHL is planning to expand to Seattle in the very near future. That’s great news for anybody who loves to watch shit hockey.

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29 Jul

One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesnt belong

Zach Bogosian just got a contract worth so much more than he has proven he is worth to this point that either the Jets have a crystal ball or a shitty GM. I’m willing to guess shitty GM. Continue reading

Complementary Players

25 Jul

Grizzled 23 year old NHL Veteran of 6 years Sam Gagner

A conversation with Lowetide on his radio program included the question “Is Sam Gagner an Impact player or a Complementary player. I think complementary, no question about it, and that is not an insult.

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New Team, Same As The Old Team?

23 Jul

Are these guys enough of a change?

The Oilers are likely done their major offseason personnel changes barring a blockbuster mid-summer trade. But have they done enough to make the playoffs? Continue reading

Someone Is On The Outs

18 Jul

Oilers Have 9 Defensemen Listed

With the news that Grebeshkov has been signed by the Oilers the club now has 9 Defensemen listed on its active roster.

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It Doesnt Have To Be That Hard

9 Jul


Sometimes you have to laugh. Take, for example, the never ending failures of the Stats crowd to try and bring “Advanced Statistics” to the main stream.

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A Voice That Carried The Pride Of A Nation

3 Jul

Paul Lorieau says farewell

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