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Game 34: Canucks @ Oilers

30 Mar

Soulless Ginger

The Oilers get ready to celebrate Easter by taking on the Godless Canucks. Continue reading


Game 33: Blue Jackets @ Oilers

28 Mar

Is this the Face that Launched a Thousand Trades?

The Oilers come into tonights match below Columbus in the standings and tied for 13th in the West. Wait. Did I say BELOW Columbus in the Standings?

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Game 32: Oilers @ Blues

26 Mar

This will be a Classic Hitchcock presentation. The Oilers get outworked and Mother was dead the whole time

Well, the good news is the Oilers player Meaningful Games in March. The Bad news is they lost those 3 games and its back to the norm around these parts.

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Game 31: Oilers @ Nashville

25 Mar

Which goes extinct first, this animal or the Oilers’ Playoff hopes?

The Oilers take back to the Road tonight for a game against Nashville that the Oilers MUST WIN if they dont want to fall so far back from the pack that their playoff hopes become goals for next year. Continue reading

After 30: Meaningful Games in March

24 Mar

Coincidentally 30 is also the number of strides it takes for Whitney to get up to top speed

The Oilers now have 30 games in the books and while relative to the rest of the league they are situated above where they finished last season, they actually have fewer points than after 30 in 2011-2012.

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Game 30: Blues @ Oilers

23 Mar

hopefully we wont be singing these after the game

The Oilers recent games have conspired to make this game against St Louis a virtual ‘Must Win’. Are the young Oilers up to the task?

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What if the Price is Right?

20 Mar

Ladies, do I have at least 3 numbers right?

Outside of Free Agency’s first days, the Trade Deadline is the day that sees the most action in terms of player movement in the NHL. Certainly it is the only day in season where one can expect a hefty amount of movement. But the West is so ultra competitive right now that many teams might not be willing to label themselves sellers. Enter the Oilers. Continue reading