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Game 48: Canucks @ Oilers

27 Apr

Fare thee well, you shitty Oilers

It’s over. It’s finally over. Continue reading


Game 47: Oilers @ Wild

26 Apr

I love this Kid

The Oilers will try to spoil the night for Minnesota as they try to clinch a Playoff spot, but for their sake they better not succeed.

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25 Apr

Often compared but always with hesitation

I would just like to air a little frustration this morning about expectations. Continue reading

Game 46: Blackhawks @ Oilers

24 Apr

Sweet Mullet, Bro

The Oilers have a legitimate shot at achieving an attainable goal this week, and all they have to do is keep losing.

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The Statue

23 Apr

Where Should He Call Home?

Debate sparked this morning about the question of where the Statue of Gretzky belongs when the new Arena is built. Continue reading

Game 45: Ducks @ Oilers

22 Apr


Tonight the will be the sequel to the Oilers/Ducks game that was just played a few short hours ago. What we can expect is a few cheap laughs, a dickish Icelandic coach, and some sort of Lasso display. Continue reading

Game 44: Ducks @ Oilers

21 Apr

I GUESS I could keep playing for months with a shoulder that needs surgery

The news broke early today that RNH is going to go under the knife and will be out the rest of the season (read: One Week) Continue reading