Bad Kids III

8 Sep

Kale Kessy…Last Week

The Oilers lose and officially (thankfully?) end the Young Stars Tournament. They Lost and lost big in every contest, but this had been their best game so far.

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Bad Kids II

8 Sep

So Sassy

Well the Oil went at it again last night, this time against the Winnipeg Jets. Yet again the Oilers roster seemed overmatched by a significant margin.

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Bad Kids

6 Sep

Kids today, amirite?

Sometimes kids are bad. When they are you generally need to punish them. I always prefer the passive aggressive guilt method because I was raised in a Catholic house, but sometimes you need to do more than than.

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Why Is This Year Different?

31 Aug

Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don’t forget your booties ’cause it’s cooooold out there today.

It must be the verge of Hockey Season because I think the Oilers have a shot at making the playoffs. But then again, I seem to think that right before EVERY Hockey Season.

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Guest Spot

29 Aug

Enjoy him while he lasts

Yesterday I was given a spot at as a Guest Writer. The piece is here. Continue reading

Summer Almost Over

26 Aug

Summer used to be great when it meant staying home and not doing shit

See, I’m an old bastard adult now so summer just means it’s hotter inside my place of employment. The days of thinking Summer is the best are over. Continue reading

Someone Was Shocked Whitney Is Unemployed

22 Aug

His Disappearance Has Caused A Stir

Everybody sit down, this may come as a great shock to you but Ryan Whitney does not have an NHL contract right now.

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