Summer Almost Over

26 Aug

Summer used to be great when it meant staying home and not doing shit

See, I’m an old bastard adult now so summer just means it’s hotter inside my place of employment. The days of thinking Summer is the best are over.

It used to mean riding my bike to a friend’s house and playing video games all day long. I could watch movies until my parents came home, the Esks were actually good, and the Trappers were playing quality ball. Seriously. Summers used to be pretty fucking cool.

Now? Baseball in Edmonton is dead, the Eskimos have been wretched for years, and I havent biked to a friends house since I was 17. Summer is terrible. It’s sticky hot, boring, and not having 8 weeks of unadultered vacation to make the most of it is the cruel joke of adulthood.

But soon the horrible green summer will be over and the warm death of fall and winter will take over. Soon hockey will be back and I will have something to look forward to that can only happen when the middle of the day has passed.


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