Someone Is On The Outs

18 Jul

Oilers Have 9 Defensemen Listed

With the news that Grebeshkov has been signed by the Oilers the club now has 9 Defensemen listed on its active roster.

Obviously only 6 will be on the opening day lineup with a 7th and possibly an 8th sitting in the press box. Of course this list also doesnt include Blue Chip prospect Oscar Klefbom who seemingly has been groomed for a roster spot up to this point. The Oilers now have depth at a position where they havent had any before, albeit still lacking true top end talent.

However, 10 bodies (including Klefbom) is still simply too much. There has to be some give.

Lets assume the pairings look something like this:

Ference-J. Schultz
N. Schultz-Potter

I gave Nick Schultz the 4th pairing because MacT just added Belov and he comes in with the blessing of the GM. I’m not saying that the GM will tell his new inexperienced (at this level) Head Coach who to play, but I imagine that suggestions will be taken to heart. Klefbom and Larsen are at the bottom because of their youth and inexperience, but if the Oilers want him in Edmonton then something has to give.

Nick Schultz makes too much money and is too useful to sit in a press box for long stretches. The Oil are also missing that Marquee talent on their Defense.

We know that MacTavish is done waiting and hoping on every young player to emerge, as evidenced in the Paajarvi trade.

What would Jeff Petry (a youngish good defensemen signed for dirt cheap), Nick Schultz (A veteran player with just 1 year left on his reasonable deal), and the Oilers 1st round pick in 2014 get on the trade market?

Will Edmonton use all this depth to try and last the season, or will Craig MacTavish take another stab at the Bold move he promised?


2 Responses to “Someone Is On The Outs”

  1. JustWatt July 19, 2013 at 9:45 am #

    I’m with you on this one. Too many bodies on D. MacT seems patient to me, not biting too hard, too early (ie. the Coburn non-deal). Something about the Perron deal makes me think it was a carefully considered, didn’t-leap-in-without-looking move. Another deal or two wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Here’s hoping MacT is truly deserving of his “Silver Fox” moniker in yet another way.

    • archaeologuy July 19, 2013 at 9:48 am #

      To me it just makes sense to try and upgrade a top 4 defender with the depth they have. The OKC team seems ready for action as it is without adding the likes of Belov, Larsen, or Klefbom and the NHL club needs more talent.

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