Hemsky and Horcoff On The Way Out

6 Jun


Good as Gone?

An interview with Mark Spector confirms that MacT views the Oilers as a team without its current Captain and without Ales Hemsky.

The interview can be heard here and the quotes being shared on twitter are unmistakably blunt.

Craig MacTavish has plans for this team and they do not include Horcoff and Hemsky. Horcoff is one we could have all seen a mile away if we were at all lead to believe the club cared about winning more than it cared about taking care of its own. The times when a player could stay and not carry his freight look to be over under the new Regime. Horcoff cant get the job done and now he will be shown the door.

Hemsky is one of my favourite players. His problem is health. He is just turning 30 this summer and before injuries sidetracked his usefulness and younger players took his ice time Ales Hemsky was almost a point per game player. He gets injured because he plays in the hard areas of the ice and takes serious abuse for it. He can fly with the puck on his stick and is a sublime passer.

He doesnt belong on the 3rd line, as he would if he remained an Oiler. Whichever team gets him will instantly enhance their ability to enter the offensive zone. I hope his health stays with him. He will be yet another former Oiler who will light up his former team as the curse of the Former Oiler continues.


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