Game 48: Canucks @ Oilers

27 Apr

Fare thee well, you shitty Oilers

It’s over. It’s finally over.

It has been a herky jerky roller-coaster ride thus far and quite frankly the disappointment has soul crushing. And yet, the season might not be a total loss if the Oilers can propel Yakupov towards a Calder trophy. He is tied with Jonathan Huberdeau and Cory Conacher for the rookie lead in scoring. He is the youngest of the Rookie leaders and has played most of the year on the 3rd line. This is a kid who brings more than just offense to the game. He is an absolute Star in the making.

Last year RNH was wrongly snubbed for the Calder, the only trophy an Oiler player has failed to receive. This year the PHWA can make up for their idiocy by rightfully crowning Yak as the best Rookie. If this were a full season nobody would touch this kid as he gets stronger in every game he plays. Right now the fact that the scoring race is tied and Yak plays for the easy to forget Oilers is hurting him.

The Oilers just blew their shot at finishing in the bottom 5 so at this point the Oilers might as well keep this thing going. I’m not very happy about the Oil spoiling Minnesota’s party plans at the expense of their Draft position, but at the same time its not like they will end up selecting 18th. They will get a top 10 pick and that player ought to be a solid addition to the club.

This game will be the final GDB that I write until some time in October and I would just like to thank anyone who read these and everyone who commented along the way. I started doing these knowing it would be a commitment just so I would have to keep up with this blog. It was a total blast.

Oilers Keys to the Game
1) The Motor That Never Quits
The Motor that never quits is Taylor Hall. He has taken his game to a whole new level in a year where his main Centerman was playing with a shoulder injury and his Right Winger wasnt scoring nearly at the same rate as he had been the year before. That is killer impressive. He is the West’s 2nd leading scorer. WOW.

2) Yak City
This kid is 1 measly point from owning the Rookie scoring lead, and while that doesnt necessarily mean he will get the Calder, it will make his case stronger. So much passion, so much talent. We are truly spoiled in Edmonton. The Oilers have to try and get this kid his points tonight. The Canucks will be smart to key in on this kid, but I hope they fail miserably.

3) Just Give Them A Show
I touched on it a little yesterday, but it is really a bullshit move to play their only good games in the last 10 on the road. The people of Edmonton have been spoon fed shit from the Oilers for a long time. They need to put on a show tonight to send off the fans for another 5 months of waiting for these guys to pull their shit together. Just play well.

Puck drops tonight at 8:08 PM Mountain Time on CBC. Game On!


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