Game 47: Oilers @ Wild

26 Apr

I love this Kid

The Oilers will try to spoil the night for Minnesota as they try to clinch a Playoff spot, but for their sake they better not succeed.

The race to the bottom of the league is really heating up with both Nashville and Tampa losing last night. Edmonton has two games left and is tied with Nashville in points. If the standings stay where they are the Oilers will finish in the 5 spot for the Draft lottery on Monday. They can now finish anywhere from 2nd to 7th depending on how these next few days play out. EXCITING!

Ok, so maybe this wasnt the race the Oilers hoped they would be in, but its the race they’re best at. Just look at their record in the last 10. 1-9-0! Aint nobody can Tank like the Oilers can Tank.


I’m sure more digital ink will be spilled about Nail Yakupov in the near future, but this kid has it. He has IT. The passion, the skill, the “it” factor to become an everlasting star in the NHL. From his first goal to his last he brings a level of excitement that in unsurpassed.

When he reached to the crest on his sweater and kissed it after scoring an absolute laser beam of a goal his status as a Saint was cemented for me. Yak is a rare breed of hockey player. His unabashed love of the game is magnetic. It just draws you in and soon you cant look away.

Oilers Keys to the Game

1) Dont Take Your Eyes Off The Prize
We are so close here but it could go either way. Winning would be very detrimental. Right now the Oil are in Barkov/Monahan territory. Further down the list and we start talking about defensemen not named Jones. That starts to scare me unless they end up trading the pick for help right now.

2) Season Sweep
The Oilers will hate this, but tanking now means being swept by the Wild in the season series. That is not something to be proud of. The Wild are not a juggernaut of the West, they havent even clinched a Playoff spot. So a season’s long failure to be them is shameful and embarrassing. Still…Barkov!

3) At Least Make It Interesting
There have been a lot of uninspiring games, and sadly they were almost exclusively in front of the Oilers’ home fans. Now they head to the Road for their last trip of the season and they need to stay close, keep things interesting. Its not just for my benefit as a fan, though not wanting to die of boredom would be nice for a change. The fact is the team needs to know that they are actually in some of these games. The Blackhawks just toyed with the Oilers all game long. That has to hurt guys like Hall and Yakupov.

Puck drops tonight at 6:08 PM Mountain Time on Sportsnet. Tank On!


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