Game 43: Oilers @ Avs

19 Apr

A must have for this game

So with barely more than a week to go the Oilers can look to maybe win this one more game. Maybe one other.

I’m not suggesting that the Oilers are tanking, just that they are so bad that every team they face from here on out after this game has a 90% chance of winning the game. So thats cool.

The Avs are hands down the softest team the Oil face in their final 6 games (in 9 nights) and if they manage to shit the bed against even them then MacT will have more to ponder than I had originally anticipated.

Word on the street was that Varlamov would be in net tonight for Colorado along with his .902 sv%. Thats good news for the Oilers. Varlamov has been incredibly underwhelming with Colorado this season. The Oilers have been in a funk as far as scoring goes, so a Backup Quality goaltender might be the cure for what ails them.

Oilers Keys to the Game

1) Stop Mailing It In
Ralph Krueger has done an incredibly poor job of motivating his troops, especially at the beginning of games. These guys are either unprepared by the Coaching Staff of theyre turning them out completely. How can a team be so vulnerable in the opening minute of every period of Hockey? They are scored on earlier than the average cast member of Teen Mom.

2) Yak City
This young man is an absolute pleasure to watch play. He is energetic, passionate, and so skilled. The fact that he is the 3rd 1st Overall has hurt his status here in Oil Country though. There have been people all year calling for him to be traded away. This kid is probably a Franchise player. If he had been playing a full year instead of the 48 games left after the Lockout then I think the Calder would be his for sure.

3) Take Advantage of This Weak Team
Theres no mincing words. The Avalanche are shitty. They simply are not a good team. The next 5 games will be against Anaheim, Anaheim, Chicago, Minnesota, and Vancouver. This is the last REALLY good shot the Oilers have to get a victory, and they’re riding a 6 game losing streak. Lose tonight and the last week will truly be a Death March.

Puck Drops tonight at 7:08 PM Mountain Time on Sportsnet. Game On!


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