Game 42: Wild @ Oilers Updated

16 Apr

Hey guys, where’s Tambi?

So yesterday morning was eventful and we’ve had about 24 hours to mull over things. I still reach the same conclusion: Kevin Lowe was a Dick.

The Press Conference

The Oilers made the change in management that was more telegraphed than a Smytty Slapshot. The writing had been on the wall since last spring when the Oilers announced MacT as VP of Hockey Ops. The jokes about him sizing up Tambellini’s office started almost immediately, but when the Oilers proved to be going nowhere under Steve’s watch the trigger was pulled, and rightfully so.

I do throw my hat in with the crowd that is unhappy with the lack of process involved in hiring a new GM. It reeks of the Old Boys Club philosophy of the Oilers to simply hand a relatively inexperienced manager the reigns of an NHL Franchise based on personal history rather than CV.

The most disturbing quote of the day ended up having nothing to do with the General Manager’s position and more to do with how Kevin Lowe and the Oilers view their fans. We are apparently divided into two groups: 1) Paying Customers and 2) The Rest of us Scum.

The beauty of such an asshat comment like that is that almost every Oiler fan is a paying customer in some way. Whether it be merchandise, cable packages, the occasional game, paying for autographs, or simply paying Taxes which will fund a new Arena, the Oilers fanbase is consistent of paying customers. All of them. If the Oilers dont recognize that then they truly are more far gone than I had imagined.

The Game

Ok. I managed to watch part of the last game while playing Poker, drinking Everclear, and wandering the streets of Vernon with a Bachelor party. Lets just say the game was an unmitigated disaster. The Oilers were shown up by the Flames Farm team and we made them look good. Embarrassed isnt the right word. Its more like Ashamed.

I do, however, have a bone to pick with the NHL over what constitutes a kicking motion. Yakupov was clearly stopping and the puck hit his skate. That rule is bogus, but the people making that call have to lose all context and slow it down to frame by frame in order to say Yak kicked it in. BS.

Oilers Keys to the Game

1) Sliding Minnesota
Minnesota is a team on the slide and right behind them is St Louis, Detroit, and Columbus. Of that 4 only 3 will be in the Playoffs. The Wild have gone cold at the worst time possible with a 3-6-1 record in their last 10. The Oilers have lost 5 in a row, but Emotions run high right now and they could play spoiler to a tired Minnesota team that won a squeaker in Calgary last night.

2) Peckham In?
Peckham may draw in tonight which should give the team a burst of much needed energy and some sand paper. I understand why he didnt play early in the season, but there was a point where it was clear the Oil needed what he was bringing and still went with Whitney or Potter. Was Tambellini’s love for Whitney influencing this decision? We know Tambellini was more than prepared to waste assets instead of getting the most out of them (Souray), but Peckham was just over-weight. Either way, Teddy Peckman looks to return.

3) Show Some Character
The season is effectively over. A week and a bit remain. The club is out of the Playoffs realistically if not mathematically. Show some character. Show the fans something, even if its just the 1st type of Fan. It isnt too much to ask for these professionals to show some passion, is it?

It appears Peckham will not be in. Fistric will be there to add the toughness the Oil lack. This from Joanne Ireland.

Puck drops at 7:38 PM Mountain Time on Sportsnet. Game On!


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