Game 37: Oilers @ Canucks

4 Apr

They arent even done getting better

Note to the Vancouver Canucks: Be Ready.


Oilers fan woke up this April morning and found their team in a Playoff spot for the first time since that fateful Spring of 2006. I cannot stress right now what this is like for someone who has suffered these long years without even a Playoff drive. Even if the hockey gods dash our Playoff hopes to smithereens it will have been a breath of fresh air even to DREAM of the Playoffs. Lord help the people in charge of cleaning the streets if they actually make the post season.

The Oilers are on a 5 game winning streak in which they have outscored the opposition 25-7. The wins have been convincing, the offense has been unstoppable. In fact they only scored fewer than 4 goals in one of those games. Of course one cannot talk about Oiler Offense without mentioning the ridiculous point scoring tear that Taylor Hall has been on: 14 points in 5 games. Hall is now in 7th place for League Scoring and has played in fewer games than every person ahead of him on that scoring list.


Eberle and RNH are also looking like the players we as fans expected again. No doubt they are benefitting from Hall going Supernova, but the Nuge is finally getting some puck luck and Eberle’s finger has fully healed. Everything is going right for the big line right now and thats exactly what the Oilers need if they want to make the playoffs.

The Fact is there are 3 teams directly below the Oilers in the standings and all 3 are capable of playing well enough to knock the Oilers out. Even though they have won 5 in a row the Oilers are still only in the Playoffs by a single point. Now a regulation win against the Canucks would put them only 3 back of the Division lead, but let’s not fly too close to the Sun.

Oilers Keys to the Game
1) Remember that nothing has been Accomplished yet
The Oilers havent proven anything to the NHL except that they are no longer basement dwellers. They havent secured a Playoff spot, they simply occupy one today. Tonight is the 2nd half of back to back games in opposition arenas that have historically been slaughterhouses for the Oilers. They cannot afford to rest on their laurels or they will be passed by. The team is still so young that a complete effort is not a given for them.

2) Tambi Hat Trick
I wont take credit for the term the “Tambi Hat Trick” but if it happens in a game the odds of an Oilers win will be astronomically high. A Tambi Hat Trick is when all three 1st Overall picks (Hall, RNH, Yakupov) score in a game. Last night it happened. Obviously it wont every night, but the Tambi Hat Trick represents a team playing to potential. The Oilers have more high end potential than most teams have ever had in the Post Dynasty Era of the NHL. It just doesnt happen that a club has this much possible firepower, but to date it never showed up in one game at the same time. As these kids get older, it will. And when it does it will scare the living hell out of opposing teams.

3) Strong Power Play
The Oilers will not punish teams physically when liberties are taken with their Stars. They simply dont have the roster to do it. They have some reactionary players like Smid and Brown (More so Brown) but they dont have bruising top 6 players. Unlike a few MSM types, I’m perfectly fine with that. The Oilers have the luxury, now, of being able to punish the other team on their Power Play. And for a team that needs to find ways to keep the winning streak alive, I’ll take the extra goals thank you very much.

Puck drops at 8:38 PM Mountain Time on Sportsnet. Game On!


2 Responses to “Game 37: Oilers @ Canucks”

  1. JustWatt April 4, 2013 at 1:20 pm #

    These last 12 games make me a little nervous but I realize that if the Oilers are going to make the playoffs that we can’t be afraid of the 7 teams in front of us. Respecting them too much is going to lead to close losses. They need to be afraid of us, of Taylor Hall, RNH, and Ebs healthy and dominating every goalie they face.

    I also realize that nearly all of the teams that we vying with for a spot in the playoffs don’t play us again. That sounds bad on the surface but the good, even better, thing is that they all play each other! So yes we cheer for two point games between them but they realistically can’t all keep the pressure on us. There are simply too many teams from the Central in the thick of it. If one of them doesn’t emerge as a clear victor they will probably keep each other in check enough for Edmonton to squeak in.

    Lowetide mentioned it this morning and I think that he’s right about Vancouver being vulnerable. If the Oilers can pull out wins in the last two games against the Canucks then we effectively only have to outgain them by one more point to pass them (tie would go to Edm I think). The same is true of Minny but Vancouver seems the more fragile team. Their annual choke job just might come sooner than usual.

    This playoff race is absolutely crazy. I haven’t been this giddy in years. This is what I signed up for and why I am a sports fan. This team is gelling at exactly the right moment. Win tonight and all the pressure is on everyone else. “Here come the Oilers” indeed!

    • archaeologuy April 4, 2013 at 2:43 pm #

      I’m with you. This is getting crazy and I’m loving it. I couldnt even sleep last night I was so excited about the idea of the Oilers being in the Playoffs.

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