Game 36: Oilers @ Flames

3 Apr

No, I said TWO orders of extra large gravy and the Colonel’s Original blend of 11 herbs and spices!

So today is both the Trade Deadline and the most important game Edmonton has played since they dealt Smyth away in 2007. No pressure.

I dont want to alarm anybody (!!!), but the Oilers could find themselves occupying 8th place in the West by Midnight. This is of course a shock to the system and something that flies in the face of everything I know to be true. If the Oilers land the 8th spot tonight then somebody should call the Coast Guard because the streets will be running out of control.

Trade DEADline

The NHL trade deadline has been the biggest snorefest in years. All the good trades happened earlier than the April 3rd date. No doubt the compacted schedule has a lot to do with this. Waiting an extra couple days means not having that acquisition for a couple of games in a short season. There simply was no time to waste. Iginla, Bouwmeester, Morrow, Jagr, Roy, all the biggest names are gone. I feel bad for the TSN panel who has to be live for 60 hours or whatever it is. The fact is guys like Ryan Jones are the most prominent names on the list of available players, and the Eastern based pundits probably couldnt tell you anything about the guy because he’s spent his career in the bottom 6 of Western clubs.


The biggest revelation was that Kipprusoff would not accept a trade anywhere and would instead remain in cowtown until he retired at season’s end. This is another hilarious deflation of Flames Fan’s Quick Rebuild™. This plan of course depended on good returns for Iginla, Bouwmeester, and Kipper. But fear not, Calgary, at least you still have Dion Phaneuf Curtis Glencross.

The Oilers at the Deadline have been deathly quiet so far. Though as I wrote that news broke that the Oilers acquired Faceoff Man Jerred Smithson for a 4th rounder. Picks after the 3rd round are inconsequential to me so this deal brings in a big body. The question that remains now is whether or not that means Belanger or Jones is destined to be on the way out.

I was hoping for Whitney to be dealt in any deal. That would truly be an addition by subtraction, but it doesnt look right now like that will come to fruition.

I will update this as more news breaks.

Oilers Keys to the Game
1) Iginla
He isnt there in Calgary anymore. This guy WAS the Calgary Flames. Have fun watching your soulless club march to golf season, Calgarians. In the end your beloved Captain didnt even have the courtesy to allow his old club to get the best deal possible for him. Class Act

2) Bouwmeester
This player made the home grown talent of Dion Phaneuf expendable. Now you dont have Dion AND you dont have JayBo. Well played, Feaster. Well played. This guy at up huge minutes for the Flames and was playing the best he’s played in the Red but his Ginormous contract meant little was coming back to the Flames. If everything goes right for the Oilers, though, he can keep his career No Post Season streak alive!

3) Kipper
This guy is a Flame through and through. Played so well that he kept their shitty team above water every year. Teams that should have been lottery bound played up to 9th in the West. He was a gat goaltender. Great enough to make sure they never drafted in a good position. Now he has denied attempts to trade him and will likely retire at the end of the year. Lets just hope that when he does there will be a Cap Circumvention Inquiry related to the “understanding” the two parties had when they negotiated the extra year at barely more than 1 million dollars.

Puck drops at 8:08PM Mountain Time on Sportsnet. Game On!


2 Responses to “Game 36: Oilers @ Flames”

  1. JustWatt April 3, 2013 at 3:26 pm #

    Calgary fans have seen this reality show before happening just 3 hrs north on the QE2. Denial is a terrible disease. They should just tune out for the next 5 years starting now.

    On a happier note, the Oilers are very close to the “Team of Destiny” look. Hall is going supernova and is officially unstoppable; Eberle and the Nuge are healthy, scoring, and reunited with Cannonball; Schultz has found his second wind; Yak City could be starting to find the range and reminding everyone that he is still the class of the last draft; the team is streaking and if a group this young get the confidence flowing there ain’t nobody gonna stop ’em now! The last couple of wins haven’t been perfect so it’s no sure thing but today Edmonton did not move a single important piece of this evolving puzzle “for the future” and I haven’t been able to say that in the last half decade. No matter how this season ends now (almost) we will look back and say that this year they turned the corner. If the playoff bell doesn’t ring for us this year, it will next year and for many more consecutive seasons. It is finally good to be an Oilers fan again.

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