Game 34: Canucks @ Oilers

30 Mar

Soulless Ginger

The Oilers get ready to celebrate Easter by taking on the Godless Canucks.

Edmonton is coming off of a wild game against Columbus that had it all: Fights, goals, big hits, and a comeback regulation win. It was eventful game where one was not expected. Despite the fact that the Blue Jackets have been hot for a while, the Canucks are simply a better team. In fact the Canucks look to make this their 7th win in a row.

It took the Canucks a fair amount of time but they are finally getting the Goaltending they counted on from Schneider and are playing the way they want to in front of him. It seems like forever ago but it’s only been a week since the Oil laid an egg in their last Hockey Night in Canada appearance. This will be another nationally televised game against an opponent they cant afford to lose against.

If Edmonton wants to make this Spring interesting they have to start stringing together a lot of regulation wins. Every game is a 4 point game, two for the winning and two to prevent the competition from getting. Ultimately my head is saying that too many games have been blown, but I wouldnt mind being wrong.

Oilers Keys to the Game
1) Ginger Central
The Canucks are powered by a trifecta of crimson haired players. The Sedin twins are leading the pack offensively (though both have fewer points that Gagner) as per the usual. These two seem to score against every team, but against the Oilers they have always been up to the task. Between the two Sedins they have 131 points in 138 games. Its incredible really. It seems like every game against the Canucks you can count on a Sedin Power Play goal. The 3rd Red Headed Step Child Player is Schneider. This year must have had some degree of frustration because of the Roberto Luongo situation (still ongoing) but he has been a rock of late and is showing again why Vancouver believed enough in him to make him the starter before they moved Bobby Lu.

2) No Stars
Gagner had 3 (4 but one was taken back) points against Columbus and wasnt even named a Star in the game. That, obviously, is a trade off he would make every game if he could. Gagner must be used to not being recognized for the good things he does. That said, the Oilers need him to keep contributing if they want to keep winning. He is showing the scoring touch the Oilers hoped he would bring when they drafted him 6th Overall. Keep it up, Sam.

3) The Nuge Looks Good Again
RNH is looking like his old self again. The effects of the flu and maybe just some time for his shoulder have dont wonders. I also am not discounting the effect that playing with his old –I use Old very liberally here– linemates is having on the young Centerman too. The Nuge is setting up players with pillowy soft touch passes again. The immediate benefactor of this has been Jordan Eberle who is once again getting world class opportunities out of nowhere. The one two punch of an RNH and a Gagner is absolutely necessary to go on the streak they need to seize the final playoff spot. The Oilers never seem to have had both guys going at the same time. No better time than the present.

Puck drops at 8:08 PM Mountain Time on CBC. Game On!


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