Game 24: Oilers @ Predators Halfway There

8 Mar

Fuck, I’m so good at this

This game will mark the Halfway point of the Season and the Oilers are positioned only 2 points above the 30th placed team in the NHL.

The Oilers continue their March Death Marchâ„¢ to the bottom of the Western Conference and the NHL in Nashville tonight. Nashville is only 2 points up on Edmonton and their scoring is pretty weak, and yet there is very little faith from Oiler fans that tonight wont be more of the same. A shit effort from a shit club.

Things are getting pretty sour in Oilerville these days. Based on my Twitter feed, if I were a member of Oilers Brass I would be locking my doors at night. The Oilers have opted to stand pat with this team and address only minor issues like “grit” and “toughness”. The major additions this year are Fistric and Brown. Both are good additions, if all you need is a 5th Defenseman and a 4th line banger. Unfortunately for the Oilers everybody except management knew they needed much, MUCH, more than that. It isnt good enough for the Oiler Faithful anymore. The time to sit back and accumulate high draft picks is over. The Oilers have to do more to get better.

Tambellini’s time has to come to an end. And if Lowe has been as in charge as we all think he has been, then it’s his time too.

The Oilers were outchanced 22-6 according to David Staples of the Journal. Despite the fact that Detroit is a better team top to bottom than the Oilers, that is pathetic. Going up against the Predators the Coach called on his players to channel all that anger and frustration into something positive tonight. Considering that should have happened about 4 games ago, I wont be holding my breath. You have to give a shit in order to be angry about anything.

We’re halfway through the season and the Oilers are just as bad as they were two years ago. The Management has continually suggested that high draft picks are not the goals for the club and nobody is holding them accountable to those statements. I’ll take the high draft pick this year if I must, but there are no excuses for management. It’s time to start calling for heads.

By the End of Chapter 2 you start receiving cheques from the Oilers

Oilers Keys to the Game
1) Fire Tambellini
Fire Steve Tambellini. This guy has been the “Architect” of a Rebuild that he never intended to happen in the first place and of a team he wanted to be competitive as of last year. He cant accomplish the goals he sets for himself at all. Clearly he is wildly incompetent. This is a guy who thought Khabibulin was the team’s MVP one year and who refused to add a legitimate Defenseman on a team starving for one ever since Souray was allowed to rot on the vine in the AHL.

2) Fire Lowe
Fire Kevin Lowe. Lowe is the man in charge of the whole operation. He is in charge of Steve Tambellini and presumably has signed off on every (non) move he’s ever made. I liked Lowe when he was the GM. He wasnt afraid of making a trade and acquired many good players for the Oilers. The 2006 Cup run was all because of the players he brought in. But those days are over now. 2006 was a long long time ago and everything he’s done since has blown up in his face. It has been 7 years of futility and frustration. The Oilers need a new vision and direction.

3) Fire MacTavish
Fire Craig MacTavish. You might be wondering why MacT gets the axe here. What has he done to deserve this? Nothing. He hasnt done anything, but he’s the wrong person to take over for the Oilers. It has been long speculated that MacT is the next GM of the Oilers when Katz finally decides that enough is enough. Bad move. The Oilers have to stop re-treading old tires. The team needs a new voice and a new direction. (And not some middle manger that’s been passed over time and time again for promotion in the Canucks Organization. *ahem*) The Oilers have already recycled the last 2 Head Coaches from the Coaching Staff from the year before and there are no less than 4 ex Oilers (3 of them former Captains) occupying important positions within the Organization. Its time for that to end.

Games played in an Oilers Uniform does not make one a competent Manager or Coach. Fire them all.

Fire them all.


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