Ryder for Cole. Montreal is Rebuilding All Wrong

26 Feb

Do anything you want to the Girl, just dont hurt me

Montreal finished one spot in the NHL behind the Oilers last year, Last in the East, and drafted 3rd Overall. Today they sit 1st in the East and their GM just committed Highway Robbery in a mid-season Trade.

Not good enough to be traded straight up for Cole. Sweetener pick needed

Montreal just pulled off the most lopsided trade of the Season. They traded 6 point Erik Cole (an asshat NHLPA hardliner and noted Pylon) for Dallas’ leading scorer 14 point Michael Ryder (recent 35 goal scorer and noted Newfie) AND an 8th round pick.

The Pick was obviously the tipping point for Montreal. Otherwise that trade just doesnt make any sense. *Facepalm*


Montreal is 1st in the East after being brutal last year. They went after a known coach, fired their old GM that got them in the mess they were in, and made astute moves like this absolute mugging of Joe Nieuwendyk.

They’re doing this Rebuild thing all wrong.


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