23 Jan


The man in the picture above, Paul Lorieau, was the Oilers Anthem singer for a great many years. He did the job the right way and retired a household name among Oiler fans. He didnt do that by cocking up the song. Last night’s pathetic display was horrible at best and treasonous at worst.

Let’s first get something out of the way. I am a Canadian. I love this country. Listening to the National Anthem still gets me amped up. I’m also an Albertan so listening to the Fake french version bothers me to no end.

Last night’s attempt at the National anthem was offensive. The Oilers shat the bed in the 1st period but this morning I’m STILL upset at that anthem.

I was unable to find it on youtube to share it with anyone that missed it, but this is basically it. Bad Anthems happen. They happen all the time. This was so much worse than just a bad anthem. This is the home opener after the NHL Locked itself out and withheld its product from their consumers. This was the start of an apology to the people of Edmonton who had been missing hockey; The same people who had also witnessed arena deals fall through while the owners were making their cash grab.

I demand more from the Anthem singer on such an occasion as was last night. It shouldnt be some nobody Indie band Karaoke wannabe singer who got the job because she’s friends with one of the Oiler wives. What the hell, Oilers? How do you go from getting it right every night to throwing out some nobody trying to Mariah Carey her way through the damn song?

I dont think it should be that hard to get people to audition for the gig. Dont go hipster. Dont look for bubble gum. Just find someone who can give it the respect it deserves. It’s your Country’s Anthem, not a top 40 hit on the Adult Contemporary charts.

Fix it for next time, Oilers.


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