No Hitter

9 Jan


Barry Bonds can file today’s decision by the Baseball Writers of America under “Suck It, Asshole”.

Today the voting for the Baseball Hall of Fame was announced and the All-Time Career Homerun leader didnt make it. In fact, he wasnt even close. He received only 36% of the vote. 75% is needed to gain entry into the Hall. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the post-Steroid Era of baseball.

The results are uplifting to me, they really are. The voters are standing up and calling bullshit on these cheaters. A great deal of writers seem to understand something here, despite Sport being a business, and many terrible people (Cobb, Ty) being admitted, there is something inherently honourable about a Hall of Fame. Cheating to get in is wrong. It is not an act worthy of special recognition.

Barry Bonds was a ball crushing freak and did it at a pace unlike any other person on the planet. Yeah, and all it took was illegal steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.

Baseball is a game of traditions. We’re talking about a Sport that thinks instant replay could undermine the game. Records are revered, statistics are everything. Fucking with that, as Bonds found out after the Truth was discovered.

I hope he, and all of his fellow cheaters, fail in reaching the Hall of Fame.

Now if only we could do something retroactively about Mats Sundin


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