A Gift

20 Dec


Bill Daly, seen above, dressed in his “Bummin ’round the House” clothes.

Today the NHL gave us the gift that keeps on giving: More Game Cancelations!

Its ok, I didnt really have anything planned for early January anyway. Despite the Grinchiness of the act, I understand it. The offices which are probably running at reduced hours anyway are closing shop for the Christmas break and the NHL needed to Cancel the games now. Still. Alice the intern couldnt be convinced to come in for a few hours on the 28th to type up a Press Release saying, “Eat Shit, Everybody!”, at that time?

The frustration is mounting, and instead of seeing any escalation amongst fans on either side (Pro-Players vs Pro-Owners) all I’m seeing is more apathy. Nobody is fired up. The NHL is on the backburner for everybody, and rightfully so. It’s Christmas time (or Festivus, I dont judge) and people are looking to spend more time with their families. Simple distractions like the NHL are things most people dont have the time nor inclination to deal with right now.

This is also the time of the year where being a member of the NHLPA must not be any fun at all, unless you’re Evander Kane, then it’s still fun. It’s now been more than well over half a year since most of the membership has seen an NHL paycheck, another block of games has been cancelled, the results of this Disclaimer of Interest Marathon Vote has yet to come back in, the future is completely uncertain, half of this year’s earning potential has been cut short, and the only reason I’m not earning MY (Totally Imaginary) NHL paycheck is because I’m fighting for the top 10% of members’ right to have a lifetime contract. As I look into my kids’ eyes on Christmas morning I would be asking myself why I’m not collecting a paycheck to secure their futures.

But that’s just me.

If I’m an NHL owner in a decent market like a Canadian city or a Philadelphia, I’m wondering why the hell I’m not collecting any revenue yet. Am I really fighting for 5 year maximums so we have a system in place that allows dogmeat markets like Phoenix and Dallas survive? I’m probably better off letting 6 franchises die and reaping the benefits of a contraction draft plus a less hectic schedule (maybe) and a better on ice product.

This Christmas better not be spent without some serious contemplation from either side. Everybody needs to ask. What am I fighting for? Is this really what’s important to me?

Either way, all the fans got this Christmas was a lump of coal and some extra time to spend with their horrible families.


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