What Just Happened?

6 Dec


I left work tonight with some pretty good news. Donald Fehr had a press conference that totally shot down all the rumours that the two sides were far apart. Hurray!! Then it turned out he was a dirty fucking liar.

It was no more than a few minutes later that Gary Bettman (who we were told earlier was gone, presumably on a beer run?) made his way back to the Podium. I sat in my car, parked in front of Swiss Donair, listening to the press conference live. Every emotional word from Gary’s mouth kept me from acquiring my meaty treat covered in Garlic Dill sauce.

I eventually ate my Donair Dinner, but if I were an NHL player that press conference would have made me lose my appetite. Bettman was more likable today than ever. He made Fehr and the players look like liars, their pitiful attempt at manipulating the fan emotion exposed as bullshit. The NHL let it all out there. They unveiled the concessions they made and the unwillingness of the NHLPA to try and find an end to this Lockout. And finally, the NHL pulled the Make Whole provision off the table. If I were an NHL player and I heard that, I would be questioning what reason I had for losing 4 paychecks, conceding the need to get to 50/50, and now having the make whole taken away. What is the end game here?

The NHLPA doesnt deserve the Make Whole provision. They were offered it to get a deal done over a month ago. They were offered it to get an 82 game season. When they were offered it they demanded to almost double it. After the Owners added 100 million to it the Players didnt so much as flinch. The Owners dont need to include that 300 million. It isnt owed to he players at all. The face values of contracts werent guaranteed under the last CBA and there was no rollback proposed. The contracts were never in danger of not being honoured. Screw the Make Whole. Screw the players.


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