Cautious Optimism

6 Dec


Oh hey look, the NHL and the NHLPA are in day 3 of serious negotiations that could end the Lockout. I guess that might be ok.

I’ve been warned by everybody in the know, be cautiously optimistic here. It was the buzzword (outside of podiumania) for these negotiations. Cautious Optimism. Gotcha. Wait. What?

What does that even mean? Should I look forward to watching NHL hockey or not? I dont want to be too much of a dink on this subject but that term is a load of horse shit. I could tell my readers to be Cautiously Optimistic about anything. Anything.

Hey guys, all I can say about your chances of winning the lottery is to be cautiously optimistic.

Listen, I’m no Doctor but you can be cautiously optimistic that pussy discharge will sort itself out.

I think you should be be cautiously optimistic about why I’ve been spending so much time with your girlfriend lately.

Cautious Optimism is a say nothing statement. It just means you dont know anything yet so maybe hold off on buying the ring.

That said, I cant help but get sucked into this NHL Drama all the time. I know I’m a sick man and this obsession is wrong. And I know the owners and the players are asshats that are seemingly incapable of figuring out how their business should operate. I know, but I still cant stop myself from getting swept up in the momentum that the last few days brought. So when news broke this morning that the mood was very dark all of a sudden, I couldnt help but get deflated.

I tried to be Cautiously Optimistic, I failed. Back to Cynically Pessimistic I go.


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