Careful What You Wish For

26 Nov


Filed under “Careful what you wish for”, Ricky Ray has won the Grey Cup and the Oilers brightest young stars are dominating North America’s highest professional Hockey league!

Some poor sap sold his soul to the devil to make that happen and this is what we get, the worst trade in CFL history to make Ricky Ray an Argo and a never ending lockout that makes Oklahoma City the center of Hockey Nirvana. Great.

Last night I found myself cheering for the Argonauts to win, not because I cheer for that team, but because it was the right thing to do. That and because I would never cheer for Calgary if my life depended on it. It was the right thing to do though because what Eric Tillman did was wrong and if the Esks couldnt win a Grey Cup then it should go to the next deserving party. Ricky Ray may love the 3 yard Flat pass more than any QB in a 3 down league should, but even as a Ray hater I knew he was infinitely more talented than Jyles. It’s hard to imagine the kind of Ego and self-delusion that goes into the line of thinking that ends with a Hall of Fame QB out and a Journeyman QB + a Punter in.

But hey, at least the Oilers Barons are kicking ass!


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