A Fortnight in Fast-Forward

19 Nov


I dont know about you guys, but that 2 week moratorium on NHL labour talks flew by like it was nothing. I mean, it literally felt like it was just a weekend.

I had to poke fun at this because that outrageous two weeks off turned out to be only one weekend before the NHL and the PA got back to the table. Surely the thought of losing another paycheck and inching towards the cancelation of the season lit a fire under the asses of the Players Association. I just hope they dont come into the meetings with more of the same because I think we all know Gary Bettman doesnt bluff. Hopefully the fear of losing it all will snap these two sides out of it, but I dont know if Union leadership really wants to get anything done if the NHL is dictating terms. Understandable, but they shouldnt have waited until late summer to start. The longer this goes on the less likely I see the owners budging.

Additionally, the longer this battle wages on the more and more I side with the owners. Today Kris Versteeg called Bettman and Daly a Cancer on the NHL and said they were polluting the game. What kind of a moron are we dealing with here? Kris Versteeg is a player that is making 4+ Million a season in Florida. FLORIDA. The team only acquired him to make the Salary Cap floor that Bettman is responsible for. Florida is losing money on hockey the way Theo Peckham loses money on cheeseburgers. The only reason that Sunbelt piece of shit hockey market is in the NHL is because of Gary Bettman and his love of empty seats Non-Traditional markets. How does Kris Versteeg look himself in the mirror? The guy has never come close to 30 goals or 60 points and is making more than 4 million a season. Kris Versteeg should have a Gary Bettman poster hanging over his bed, not calling him a Cancer.

God these players are unrelenting in their stupidity.


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