The Other Leaked Memo

9 Nov


Just recently TSN found and released an internal memo written by Don Fehr to the players. What TSN didnt release was a second Memo that was sent to my Archaeolomail account by accident.

Here is exactly what I found when I opened up the message:

For Steve’s Eyes Only

Steve, I’m leaking that last memo to the Media so the NHL can read it and shit bricks. I wish I could see their faces when they see it for the first time, but I’ll have to settle for watching Gary squirm and build up the muster to ask me about it after lunch. Oh well, but lets try to put on our “Disappointed and Upset” faces on when the media asks us about it so it doesnt look like I was being a dick.

Is there any way we could get some GOOD players with us to these meetings? Its getting a little dangerous with the Mathieu Darches and Manny Malhotras of the league in the room while we talk about limiting contracts to 5 years. I guess what I’m trying to say is, can we get some players that might actually be affected by this? Is that so much to ask for? Oh, and when Mathieu Schneider showed up I was a little confused, can you confirm this guy still plays hockey? I think we played shuffleboard last week at a Senior’s mixer. The punch was excellent, just a hint of Lime in there.

You know that we’re agreeing to most of this shit, I know we’re agreeing to most of this shit, but the players will do pretty much anything we tell them. I shit you not, I told Devan Dubnyk he was adopted on the last conference call and he sobbed for the next hour. AN ENTIRE HOUR. I feel bad, can you send his parents a Ham or something? Either way, I’m fine doing this a little longer. This season of Survivor sucks and Game of Thrones doesnt start until March, so my schedule is pretty much clear and there’s only so many episodes of Community you can watch on Netflix before you want to choke Chevy Chase.

Lets just try to keep the players united before they figure out that the proposed changes to contracting rights only affect about 5% of the membership.

Don Out.

PS. What did you do with my copy of Boondock Saints? I cant find it anywhere and I remember I lent it to you.

So there you have it. The leaked Memo was actually a ploy by the PA to gain some kind of leverage in these negotiations and Devan Dubnyk is NOT actually adopted.


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