Room for Optimism

4 Nov


This is the first time in weeks I’ve felt a pang in my heart that could either be a blocked artery or, less likely, some sort of optimism for the NHL season.

This week had been rather frosty from a NHL CBA negotiation stand point until the weekend. It seemed as though the two sides refused to meet. The NHLPA continued to bemoan the NHL’s refusal to speak unless they set the agenda. The NHL closed its office down due to Hurricane Sandy. The Fans continued to be dream of the day when two wealthy groups could get together and figure out a way to make each other even more wealthy.

All in all, things looked pretty fucking grim. After two weeks of zero negotiations the NHL finally cancelled the Winter Classic and some were concerned that the move could signal the beginning of a time when the two sides moved even further apart. The NHLPA immediately expressed their disappointment that the New Year’s day game was cancelled, and everything was déja vu all over again.

Then one of two things happened. Either Steve Fehr and the NHLPA realized that they were about to go past the point of no return on this season or Bill Daly threw a sweet Lord of the Rings marathon at his secret sex palace and Steve was an invitee. The right hand men for the two parties had a meeting at a secret location that lasted from the afternoon until 1am. I think its safe to say that there is now finally some room for optimism about this pending NHL season.

Now the NHL and the PA will meet again sometime early this coming week. Finally, it seems, these two sides look like they actually want to play hockey this year.


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