31 Oct


Halloween reminds me of the real Sleepy Hollow movie, the one I watched every Halloween as a kid growing up. Johnny Depp’s version can go to hell.

Sure, there’s the REAL real Sleepy Hollow, the early American Short Story classic, but I wont bullshit you guys, that one is boring. Try reading it, you’ll be asleep in no time. Now, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow was the shit when I a kid. Hand drawn, good music, creepy enough to give you the heebee jeebees, but not too scary for a 7 year old to watch. Good times had by all, except for Ichabod Crane. He didnt have too many good times whenever that show aired.

Tonight my kids will be out Trick-Or-Treating. The oldest with a friend, the youngest with either myself or with her Mom. The temperature should be somewhere between Cold and Too Cold so there’s a decent chance there wont be too many little bastards coming to my door. That means more leftover candy for me! My oldest loves Halloween but eating the candy isnt the fun part for him, the youngest is only 2 so she can have a couple and thats it. The rest are mine, MINE, MMMMIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNEEEEEEE *Maniacal Laugh*.

And for those of you who dont believe in Trick or Treating because of religious beliefs or whatever have you? Fine, do what ever you want or dont do whatever you want, but dont be an asshole. Turn off your front lights and dont decorate. Just dont waste my time in the cold because you didnt have the courtesy to respect the rest of the community that you live in’s customs. Lights off means no candy. You have your light on and my kids will ring your door bell.

While we’re at it. My kids cant dress up in costume for Halloween at School because some asshat families complained that their kids were left out because they didnt celebrate it. If you count yourself among the group of people ruining Halloween for everybody else at school, then you are the real Monster here. Instead of being open to multicultural celebrations in schools you have demanded these institutions take an Anti-Cultural position. You are teaching your children to segregate themselves from their communities and building resentment in the youth towards your own communities. Well played, jerk off. I want my children to learn and experience different things from all over the world, and I hope it isnt too much to ask that local traditions arent being lost just because it might take somebody else a little out of their comfort zone.

Nonetheless, have a safe and happy Halloween everybody!


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