Now What?

29 Oct

Every once in a while my co-worker and I look at each other, shake our heads, and say “Now What?” That’s what comes to mind presently as I sit around bored as hell.

The World Series is over (Someone should have told Detroit it actually started), the NFL is boring me greatly, the Eskimos are only worth watching if you like shows about hopeless struggle against impossible odds, and my Garden has come to life and died again since the Oilers last played a game. What now?

I find myself checking twitter for any scrap of hockey news I can possibly latch onto. My favourite times are during OKC Barons games so I can hear how many points their big three (soon to be four with Hall back on Friday) have gotten. I feel like I’m doing the modern equivalent of checking the stock ticker, all I’m missing is the implied affluence of doing such a thing.


“Hey, check the tape. I think Schultz just scored!”

“Nope, but our stocks have taken a stark downtu–”

“Bah, is he gonna keep that streak going or what?”

“Oh god, we’re broke. How can I face my family? What will we do?”

“I tell you what we do, we put that kid on the point in the NHL with Nuge, Ebs, and Hallsy as quick as possi–”


“Are you even paying attention, dude? Dude?”

Shit, that didnt go well. Maybe I’ll stick to Twitter.


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