This Thing Isn’t Going to a Shootout

26 Oct


The clock ran out yesterday a second after 11:59:59 PM on the hope of seeing 82 Oiler games, and that’s where the hockey analogy ends. Unlike the game these two sides play when business is running as usual, there wont be a sudden-death winner today.

At this point the 82 game schedule is dead in the water. It only gets uglier from here actually. The NHL had already lost any preseason revenue it hoped to achieve, without 82 games the expected revenue numbers are obviously going to decrease dramatically. There’s also other streams of revenue that the NHL gets in the way of Advertising that are in serious Jeopardy of being lost, if they havent been lost already.

As bad as that is for the League, it is probably worse for the players. Their biggest issue was losing money that they thought (incorrectly) was owed to them. The partnership the Players have with the League has linked their compensation to revenue. This worked out splendidly for them when League revenue increased by 50% over the course of the past CBA. However, the Partnership was also supposed to help prevent these labour lockdowns because any time lost would directly affect the bottom line of the players. Maybe it has been the 6 years of increases that has killed that aspect of the partnership, maybe its something else. Either way, the Players and the Owners couldnt find a deal in time to save HRR.

All it takes is 2 paychecks for the Players to lose 14% of their Salary, and that was with HRR meeting the same numbers as the year before. Essentially, right now the Players have a 0% shot at making the same money they did last year. Zero chance it happens now. Considering that has been the sticking point of their CBA negotiations (Getting the money they thought they were owed), I dont know where they are going now. I dont now what’s important to them. So if the Players miss the paychecks then they lose more than the 12% they refused to accept this season, if the NHL loses that HRR this season then it affects the Cap for NEXT season. It wont be until 2 seasons from now that things normalize for the players.

That brings me to another really important question. How many of the current 700+ NHL players have a Contract for more than 2 seasons? Surely a relatively small number, or at least a Minority of the players. So why would a majority of NHL players sabotage this year and the next to preserve the contracts of so few? I Dont know.

All I know is the Clock ran down last night with nobody scoring the winning goal, and this game isnt going to a Shootout.


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