26 Oct


On second thought, that team trip into the Mummy’s Tomb might have been a poor choice.

It’s hockey season yet again in Edmonton. There’s a light sprinkling of snow on the ground, the Eskimos are banking on that sneaky 3 yard out pass to take them to the playoffs, and Oilers are dropping like flies.

On the heels of twitter informing us that Baby Nuge had his front teeth pushed in by an errant stick, Joanne Ireland tells us that Khabibulin and Sutton are rehabbing injuries under the watchful eye of the Oilers medical staff. Not even a NHL lockout can stop the Oilers from breaking down. The news that Nightcap Nik is rehabbing an injury isnt really a shock, his groin and back are basically held together with butcher’s twine and wood glue.

The bigger news of the day is the state of Sutton’s knee. To understate things, the big Oilers defenseman doesnt sound overly optimistic about it. This Sutton quote courtesy of Joanne Ireland’s piece:

“I had trained so hard and was in such good shape,” said Sutton. “But this is another thing I have to deal with. I may have played my last game last year and not even known it.”


This is a guy the Oilers had intimate knowledge about and chose to offer him a contract instead of move him at the last deadline for a depth pick. I like Sutton as a 5-6 defenseman but even Bobby Orr couldnt do it on 1 knee. It is likely he wont play in the NHL again.

Add into this that Taylor Hall is still out with his shoulder injury and you have 2 of the youngest Oilers and 2 of the Oldest Oilers bookending the team with trauma. At this point I think it is reasonable to expect the rest of the club to experience some odd happenings à la Final Destination.

I would offer some sort of advice, but once they set the wheels in motion by opening up that Mummy’s Tomb it was only a matter of time before this shit started coming down on them.


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