Just looking for a Fehr deal

23 Oct


Unapproachable and out of touch. The NHL Players are less and less human than the Billionaires that own the teams. That’s bad.

They stood, united and unwavering in defiant protest to the owners that locked them out. The heaviest hitters stood behind Donald Fehr, this time actually wearing suits and ties unlike this past summer when they took the same positions except then in Polo shirts and Cargo Shorts. I guess the Memo got to them all this time “At least Dress like you care about losing Millions of Dollars.” That said, most of them dont care. They would rather lose a year’s wages than lose 12% of their paycheck because the player portion of HRR would be reduced.

They just want a “Fair” deal moving forward. Not just for them either, they’re looking out for future players too! I dont think “Fair” is too much to ask? Is it? You wouldnt be happy about losing 12% of your paycheck and neither would I. That said, the 88% of remaining Salary that I would have doesnt exactly add up to $9,680,000 like Ilya Kovalchuk’s does. Today Kovalchuk mused that he might stay in the KHL if the NHL cuts his salary down to that unlivable ~9.7 million dollars. Fair is fair.

This is where I lose touch with the players of the NHL. What the hell are they talking about? What about their situation isnt fair? The players take on no risk, only profit. The average Salary has skyrocketed to numbers that quite simply seemed impossible at the end of the last CBA negotiation and yet here we are as fans being asked by players to accept the fact that they just want a Fair deal going forward.

What do these players know about Fair deals in the real world? Many of them from the time they were 18 with barely grade twelve educations have been making more money than my family has in the last 3 generations combined. The elite of the elite, the heavy hitters, those are the players Fehr brought with him in the last negotiation. Those are the guys making the most noise. Just to have the privilege of hearing (8.7 million dollar man) Sidney Crosby complain about fairness on TSN, I have to watch 2 RBK commercials and a Tim Hortons ad that he was paid millions of dollars to do.

How can I relate to these guys? The Russians are getting louder about staying in Russia. The North Americans are complaining about fair deals. And Ben Eager is kicking the shit out of Doormen in Toronto.

Last Night Dustin Penner complained about having to pay his taxes for fuck’s sake.



Complaining that the owner’s version of 50/50 doesnt include his Tax Deduction?

NHLPA, how the fuck am I supposed to relate to you? How can I get behind your plea to get a Fair deal?

The longer this goes on, the more convinced I am that it’s a Fehr deal they’re after, not a Fair deal.


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