Is your boss a Psychopath?

18 Oct


Donald Fehr is a Monster.

Donald Fehr is a monster and his reign of terror at the NHLPA Offices is directing the players down a destructive path. This is a man whose time in power with baseball was most notable for its Strike in 94-95, canceling the World Series. Now, in Hockey, he refuses to accept that the Sports Market is a 50/50 split between owners and players. He doesnt even want a Salary Cap.

Make no mistake. Donald Fehr is a monster. A monster for hire whose sole job was to seek revenge on the owners for crushing the players union in the last negotiations.

Today marked a day where the PA made 3 proposals to the NHL and none of them came close to a 50/50 split (According to Bettman). 3 proposals and nowhere to find common ground between any of it.

The NHLPA has no desire to play this season, or at least Donald Fehr has no desire. Either way, the fans are being screwed over by a bunch of entitled whiners. Some thought that the owners were the unreasonable ones. Today we learned the truth.

Donald Fehr is a Monster.


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