16 Oct


Watered down. Lacking in sufficient talent. Too many joke markets. Too many franchises that need new owners. Those are things that apply to the NHL right now. And it might get a lot worse really quick.

According to sources there is a strong possibility that the NHL is pushing to expand by two teams into Canada.

For some reasons this makes sense. The Canadian markets are on average much stronger than American ones. The game is ours, obviously. The current teams are propping up franchise values and revenues across the board. Two more Canadian teams strengthens the NHL. The markets can sustain NHL clubs and thats a good thing. With the Dollar the way it is now, NHL markets in Canada are a license to print money.

But is that good thing?

There are teams right now that can barely afford the Cap floor. If the new CBA includes a similar structure, even if percentages are shifted, then two more Canadian teams are going to push those revenues and (by default) the Cap floor up, up, and up. Can the struggling markets afford two more Canadian teams if there isnt a major change in Revenue sharing?

That doesnt even begin to cover the nightmare that the league faces by watering down the product even more. Think for a second of a team like Columbus. They just lost Rick Nash. Without Nash, that team had 1 20 goal scorer (Umberger) in the lineup. Not long ago the Oilers were in the same boat. The sad fact is it really isnt uncommon for teams to have only 2 20 goal scorers on the club. Adding two more teams isnt adding talent. It’s spreading it even thinner across the League.

Last year Linus Omark couldnt crack the Oilers. In an expanded NHL he might be playing in someone’s top 6. Cant wait to see Rob Schremp hockey? No problem, it’s coming back.

The only good news would be that it seems like an Expansion draft is the only way the Oilers could get rid of Shawn Horcoff and his terrible one timer. Hey, the new clubs would need to get to the Cap Floor somehow.


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