Taking Sides

15 Oct

All I hear from the sports media right now is that fans arent taking sides in this current lockout. That they are equally as pissed off at both sides. Well guess what, ladies. I’m taking sides. I’m breaking ranks from the millions of other NHL fans who dont want to pick one or the other.

So let’s start back in August when the NHL decided to be assholes on day 1 of negotiations and demanded another round of salary cuts for the players. The NHL and the NHLPA waited until just weeks remained between their ability to find a deal and the beginning of the NHL season. They could have started negotiations in January but felt it was better if they jerked around a bit waited just a smidge longer. The opening volley from the NHL when so precious little time remained? A proposal so preposterous that its only intention could have been to create fear and chaos within the ranks of the NHLPA. More Volatile than Volley.

To add to that the NHL demands a deal be met before games are played. Donald Fehr, the man that is often quoted as being “The Smartest Guy in the Room”, says (To Paraphrase), “we dont need a lockout, we can play under the old CBA while we negotiate.” He is flatly denied. The Lockout is on. The players arent striking. They arent holding out for more money. They arent forming picket lines. The owners are voluntarily locking out the players. We could all be watching NHL hockey right now if the owners wanted that to happen. They arent letting us watch. They dont want us to buy their product. They arent even afraid we wont come back.

So, Arch is siding with the Players?

Not in this lifetime.

Nope. As dickish as the NHL owners are being, I’m on their side. Why? Because they pay their employees well, bend to their every whims, accommodate trade demands from Prima Donnas, but most importantly because Don Fehr scares the crap out of me. This is a guy who’s vision for the NHL is as a replica of MLB. At every turn he brings up how the MLB doesnt have a cap and how they havent had labour strife for years. Fehr is threatening to put the Cap back on the table. I lost one year of NHL hockey already just to get this cap. Fehr is apparently so bat-shit crazy that he thinks he can get rid of the Salary Cap in the NHL. This isnt a CBA negotiation, its a religious war. I can get behind a decent cause, but an uncapped NHL is not what I want. An NHL that mimics the MLB is not what I want. A NHLPA victory is not what I want.

I chose my side. I’m with the Owners.


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