Gagner to Europe

15 Oct


So Sam Gagner has gone over to Europe to play some hockey. While I dont enjoy this Lockout one bit, I think it’s a prudent move for Sam to be playing somewhere right now.

For starters, Gagner doesnt have a long term deal. In fact, he only has this year on his deal. Gagner cant afford to not have games on his resume for the 12/13 season. I dont think this lockout will last the whole year, but if it does then what he does in Europe is going to matter when he re-signs next summer.

Beyond that, if the NHL were to agree to terms soon (Miracles do happen) then Gagner cant afford a slow start to his season. Samwise needs to hit the ground running, so to speak. The exhibition season would no doubt be short and Gagner hasnt always started things off as well as he’s ended them. On a one year deal he could be re-negotiating a new deal as early as the Christmas break (if things start up soon). A little playing time in Europe would be the equivalent of an extended exhibition season.

Either way, it’s good for Gagner to be in Europe.


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